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Want to get rid of your contact lenses? Worry no more, as Bagan Strinden Vision near Mayville, North Dakota, can help you. Our team of expert doctors carries out routine eye exams and diagnoses eye disease or health concerns. They then provide the best treatment route for your unique needs. Come by our clinic or schedule your appointment with our reception today and join the countless satisfied patients.

At Bagan Strinden Vision, everyone has the right to a clear vision. We keep that in mind throughout your treatment, enabling us to have the highest success rates nationwide. Contact us to learn more about our preventative care and surgery services!

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Our Cutting-Edge Solutions for Eye Health

We ensure we deploy the latest technology and proven methods to help you overcome your eye disease. Our expert doctors perform routine eye exams and identify any issues you may be experiencing. We ensure proper treatment is administered by giving additional time to the examination phase. If you have any eye health concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us and get advanced treatment at our state-of-the-art facility near Mayville.

Call us today and let the eye experts at Bagan Strinden Vision help you restore and correct your vision! We have decades of experience in comprehensive eyecare.

Transforming Vision Through LASIK Near Mayville , ND

LASIK surgery is performed to treat myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. This refractive process aims to restore and improve your vision so you no longer have to wear glasses or contact lenses—you can wear your favorite designer sunglasses again!

At Bagan Strinden Vision, we provide state-of-the-art LASIK surgery procedures. With LASIK experts like Dr. Strinden and Dr. Bagan, you can be ensured that your LASIK treatment is in experienced hands.

Our Comprehensive Eye Care Services

Continuing education, our doctors ensure they provide you with the latest eyecare. Our eye doctors take every step seriously. Our doctors are with you every step, from initial assessment to post-surgical aftercare. This way, we ensure that every patient treated at our clinic has a positive experience and can overcome their vision problems efficiently.

Trust Bagan Strinden Vision as your eye care center. Our friendly reception staff would be happy to assist you get an appointment with one of our expert eyecare professionals!

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Advanced Glaucoma Treatment Near Mayville

Glaucoma is the silent thief of vision. The condition can slowly progress and lead to complete vision loss. Hence, it is recommended that if you see signs and symptoms of glaucoma, you seek medical help immediately. At Bagan Strinden Vision, our expert doctors are experienced in helping patients manage their glaucoma.

Don’t let glaucoma steal your sight. Bagan Strinden Vision offers comprehensive glaucoma treatment plans!

Meet Our Eye Surgeons and Primary Care Staff

Dr. Swanholm

Having specialized in preventative care and contact lenses, Dr. Swanholm can help you manage and prevent general eye disease.

Dr. Sperr

When you have dry eyes, you want to go to Dr. Sper. You can be assured that you choose the proper eye care professional when you choose Dr. Sperr!

Dr. Strinden

Dr Strinden has performed over 40k surgeries and helped countless patients overcome their vision problems. Dr. Strinden specializes in cataract and refractive surgery. He is also a master when it comes to LASIK Surgery!

Dr. Winkels

Our newest addition to the team, Dr. Winkels, fresh out of his residency program at Ohio State University, is a promising surgeon. Dr. Winkels provides comprehensive cataract, refractive, cornea, retina, and glaucoma surgery.

Dr. Bagan

Dr Bagan is an experienced surgeon who has performed 10,000 surgeries. Dr Bagan specializes in cataracts, LASIK, and cornea surgery. Choose Dr. Bagan as your surgeon and ensure that your procedure is in the right hands!

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Expert Aftercare at Bagan Strinden Vision

At Bagan Strinden Vision, we provide comprehensive aftercare plans for our patients to ensure a healthy and speedy recovery. However, the aftercare you get will depend on the procedure you have undergone. Our doctors thoroughly assess your eyes post-surgery and give you an aftercare plan that best suits your case.

Experience premium eye care at Bagan Strinden Vision. We prioritize aftercare at our eye care center! Call us today and schedule your appointment!


Eye testing is important. It provides the foundation for accurate diagnoses and treatment plans from eye doctors. OCT 3D scan has emerged as the most prec21ise and accurate eye test available today. At Bagan Strinden Vision, we use the most advanced testing to ensure that you get the proper treatment.

It is not possible to say, as it depends on your particular case. Generally, it is recommended that you visit your medical optometrist for general eyecare, such as disease management or medicine administration. However, one should see an ophthalmologist for interventions like surgical treatments.

Ophthalmologists are generally considered to be among the most qualified eye care professionals. Their knowledge aids them in treating a wide array of eye diseases beyond the routine checks carried out by an optometrist.

At Bagan Strinden Vision, we have both ophthalmologists and optometrists on board. Our surgeons are also among the best nationally. Trust us with your vision care and feel the difference for yourself!

The Latest Eye Procedures At Bagan Strinden Vision

At Bagan Strinden Vision, we provide comprehensive eye exams. You can count on us to overcome ocular diseases or macular degeneration. Our eye doctors and licensed opticians prioritize giving you a vision care plan that best suits your needs. Contact us today and say goodbye to contact lenses and glasses.

Mayville, North Dakota

Mayville, North Dakota, is a lovely small town in the middle of the wide-open prairies of the state. It’s known for its peaceful atmosphere, making it a great escape from city life. Mayville is home to Mayville State University, which gives the town a lively academic vibe and is an important center for education. Visitors can enjoy exploring the town’s historic sites, like the Mayville-Portland Bridge that crosses the picturesque Goose River. With its fascinating history and warm welcome, Mayville is a true hidden treasure in the heart of North Dakota. 

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