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Laser surgery near Hawley, Minnesota

Are you looking to improve your eye health near Hawley, Minnesota? Look no further than Bagan Strinden Vision. At our clinic, the eye doctors are passionate when it comes to helping people regain clearer vision.

We offer a range of services at our clinic near Hawley, Minnesota. From general eye health care to more serious treatments for advanced vision problems, you can count on us. Our team of eye doctors and eye surgeons awaits to help you get rid of your contact lenses and glasses.

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Your Premier Choice for General Eyecare

At Bagan Strinden Vision, we provide professional eyecare services for our patients. You can visit us for regular checkups and prescriptions for your vision problems. We also specialize in different kinds of laser eye surgery. We deploy the latest technology and skills to ensure you get quick and painless surgery for eye surgery.

Choose us when it comes to your eye health. We won’t let you down. Our online reviews and reputation speak for themselves!

Advanced Lasik Surgery Near Hawley, MN

If you are considering Lasik, our expert doctors can help you determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Additionally, we use the latest laser technology to ensure you get the best possible treatment. After the procedure, our doctors provide a recovery and management plan that best fits you.

At Bagan Strinden Vision, we have already performed numerous Lasik procedures and have a great experience with high success and patient satisfaction rates. Make the right decision and choose us for your Lasik process.

Laser Eye Surgery For Glaucoma

Glaucoma is an eye disease caused by damage to the optic nerve. It is more commonly found in older people. Unfortunately, there is no cure for glaucoma, although you can prevent and stop the damage to your eyesight.

At Bagan Strinden Vision, we have the right effective treatment to protect your vision from further damage. If you are experiencing glaucoma symptoms, it is best that you take action now and don’t sit on it. Our eye doctors will ensure that you get the best treatment for glaucoma management.

If your vision has been blurred recently, it would be a good idea to visit our clinic near the town of Hawley, MN for a comprehensive eye examination and an early diagnosis.

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Lasik Surgery At Bagan Strinden Vision

Lasik surgery can improve vision without the use of glasses or contact lenses. After this procedure, patients can expect to achieve 20/40 vision or better, which is good for most activities.

If you are considering Lasik surgery, Bagan Strinden Vision has experts like Dr. Strinden who are experienced in the Procedure. Additionally, we use the latest Lasik technology, ensuring an efficient and optimal surgery.

Take the first step towards optimal vision care and well-being. Schedule your appointment with Bagan Strinden Vision today!

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Cataract Surgery Near Hawley, Minnesota

Transform your vision and embrace clarity in your family vision. Contact us now to schedule your consultation! Our eye doctors will be happy to assist you in overcoming your cataract issues. We have performed cataract surgery on many patients with a high success rate. When you choose us, you can be ensured that you get a high standard of vision care!

Experience the transformative power of advanced eye and vision care at Bagan Strinden Vision. Book your consultation now!

Our Specialized Eye Surgeons & Doctors

Meet our team of highly qualified and expert ophthalmologists and optometrists.


Dr. Strinden

Dr. Strinden focuses on refractive and cataract surgery at the clinic. Dr Strinden has helped over 40,000 people regain a clearer vision. Additionally, he has a master’s in Lasik surgery and has been performing Lasik eye surgery since 1998.

Dr. Bagan

Dr. Bagan focuses on cataract, refractive, and cornea surgery. He has performed over 10,000 surgeries and specializes in cornea transplants. You can be assured that your procedures are in the right hands when you choose Dr Bagan.


Dr. Swanholm

It specializes in primary eye care, preventing and treating eye diseases, fitting your intraocular lens, and co-managing surgical care.

Dr. Sperr

It focuses on managing dry eye disease, comprehensive eye care for all ages, treating eye diseases, and co-managing surgical care.

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Cataract procedures near Hawley

Why Choose Our Clinic Near Hawley?

Your vision is precious; you should always remember when choosing an eye clinic. We assure you that you can trust our doctors when it comes to your eyes. They extend the right care and attention your eyes require, especially when you suffer from eye disease. Some reasons why you should choose us over the other eye clinics near Hawley , MN include:


Indeed, ideally, an upper limit of -0.8 is recommended. However, -10.0 is also acceptable. For plus numbers for conditions like hypermetropia, it is recommended to have an upper limit of +0.5. It would be best to avoid Lasik surgery if you cross these limits.

Are you within the limit? Don't worry. Contact Bagan Strinden Vision in Hawley and let us confirm for you. We are experts in laser eye surgery.

Lasik surgery can fix a range of refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. LASIK corrects the corneal shape that causes these refractive errors so light can focus directly on the retina.

Yes, cataract surgeries are offered at Bagan Strinden Vision near Hawley, town. We also offer quick and painless surgery and general eye health care to our patients.

Experience Better Vision With Bagan Strinden Vision

At Bagan Strinden Vision, our aim is to help you have good eye health. Our dedicated team of doctors works tirelessly to ensure you overcome your vision problems. We have a range of treatments, from laser eye surgery to a general eye checkup with a qualified eye doctor. We also offer more advanced procedures, such as cataract surgery and Lasik surgery and more to the residents who live near Hawley , MN.

Hawley, Minnesota

Hawley, Minnesota, is a lovely town surrounded by beautiful natural scenery.   It’s a peaceful place with a strong sense of community, where people come together for activities and events.   The downtown area has cute shops, cafes, and plenty of outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and boating.   Hawley is a great example of small-town life in rural Minnesota.   Bagan Strinden Vision serves the nearby communities of Hawley, MN, and offers expert eye care services, eye surgeries like LASIK, Cataract Removal, and more.  

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Up to

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