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If you are looking for Lasik cataract surgery near Kindred, we have professional surgeons on board who would be happy to assist you in regaining your eyesight. In addition to surgery, we offer a range of other services at our eye care clinic. Don’t just sit there and let your eyesight deteriorate. Put your trust in us, and let us help you restore your vision.

Call us or visit our clinic to schedule your appointment. We are confident that we can help you. Over the years, we have performed successful procedures on many patients. Our team of surgeons is experienced in cataract surgery, eyelid procedures, laser treatment, and much more. Let’s explore our offerings!

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At Bagan Strinden Vision, we are lucky to have a team of doctors with decades of experience. This means that we can carry out vision correction with precision and minimal risks. Our talented team of surgeons is well-versed when it comes to:

Patients who are living near the Kindred area can now undergo laser surgery at our conveniently located clinic with extremely friendly staff. We help overcome a range of eye diseases! Take the first step towards a clearer vision, and call us today!

Meet Our Team Of Doctors

Our team of expert doctors and surgeons are well qualified and experienced in doing their job. Some of the doctors on our team are as follows

Top-tier Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma, also known as the silent thief of your eyesight, is a terrible eye condition that needs to be treated as soon as you see the first signs. At our branch near Kindred, we offer patients extensive glaucoma treatments.

Most commonly, however, we include laser eye treatment in conjunction with the administration of effective medication. We have helped many patients prevent further damage to their eyesight from glaucoma.

When you trust us with your glaucoma treatment, you ensure that you have a great experience during and after it. Call us today and let our expert doctors choose a treatment that best suits your circumstances.

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Your Best Choice For Cataract Surgery

Laser cataract surgery is the most recent and advanced procedure to resolve cataract issues. If you are suffering from cloudy cataracts, cataract surgery would be your best option. Getting treatment as soon as possible will reduce the risk of corneal swelling, which can cause permanent damage to your eyes.

Don’t let blurry vision hold you back anymore! We are here to help. At Bagan Strinden Vision near Kindred, we are experienced in advanced laser cataract procedures.

Professional cataract surgery near Kindred

Advanced Eyelid Procedures

At Bagan Strinden Vision, we offer our patients a range of eyelid procedures, including upper and lower eyelids. Most patients who opt for this procedure have difficulty seeing due to drooping or aging eyelids. Our eye care specialists provide comprehensive eye care to our patients during and after the procedures.

We aim to help our patients restore their vision. Take action and get top-tier eye procedures at Bagan Strinden Vision!

Why Choose Bagan Strinden Vision

There are countless reasons why choosing us for your eye procedures is the best decision. Here are just a few:

Industry Experience

We bring well over two decades of experience to the table. Our clinic has a friendly staff that will guide you through your options. You can trust us to provide the best treatment for your eyes.

Broad Eye Care Coverage

Bagan Strinden Vision offers a wide range of general eye care services and laser surgical procedures. We are confident that we can help you overcome your eye issues.

Top Surgeons

Our clinic has the most qualified and experienced doctors on board. No matter your problem, it is highly likely they have already resolved it. This allows for a smoother and more efficient procedure. Additionally, our surgeons are also well prepared for specialty cases.

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No, it is generally advised that you don't have both procedures at the same time. However, Lasik is a good option for those who have already undergone cataract surgery. If you would like to get both, our doctors can provide you with a tailored plan that optimizes your eye recovery.

Generally, the patients are kept awake during the surgery. A numbing medicine is administered, and the whole process takes about 15-20 minutes. Additionally, one should plan to spend up to half an hour at the clinic after the surgery to recover from the effects of the numbing medicine.

Certain conditions such as autoimmune diseases, immunodeficiency states, diabetes, and some medications may slow down or halt the healing process.

Hence, it is always a good idea to provide the eye doctor with your complete medical history and medicine intake. At Bagan Strinden Vision, we can help you determine if Lasik surgery is right for you!

LASIK reshapes the cornea, making it harder to accurately pick the right power for the artificial lens in cataract surgery. This can lead to blurry vision after cataract surgery. Doctors use special methods to account for LASIK, but it's not as precise as for eyes without prior correction.

Cataract surgery is still possible and successful after LASIK but requires extra planning and discussion with your doctor. Our doctors would be happy to assist you if this concerns you.

Get Better Vision With Bagan Strinden Vision

Struggling to see the details of the world around you? Bagan Strinden Vision is here to help! Our team of experienced professionals offers comprehensive eye care services, from routine checkups to advanced treatments, utilizing the latest technology. Whether you need glasses or contacts or are seeking solutions for complex vision problems, we can help you achieve optimal visual clarity. Schedule your appointment today and rediscover the joy of seeing the world clearly!

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Kindred is a lovely small town in the heart of North Dakota, USA. It’s a place where you can experience the friendliness and warmth the Midwest is known for. Community events and get-togethers are common, bringing people together and creating a strong sense of community. Kindred has a rich history, with museums and historical sites that tell the story of the town’s past while offering modern conveniences for its residents. Whether you enjoy outdoor activities like fishing and hiking or just appreciate the peacefulness of small-town life, Kindred, ND is a welcoming place for everyone who visits.

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Up to

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