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8 Reasons to Schedule LASIK Today!

May 13th, 2020

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The ability to see clearly can positively impact your career and your personal relationships. Unfortunately, 544 million people are visually impaired and unable to fully enjoy these positive experiences without using corrective eyewear.

With the advent of LASIK surgery, more people are now able to see clearly without the daily hassle of wearing and maintaining glasses or contact lenses. Below are the top eight reasons why you should stop waiting and seek LASIK surgery today.

1) The procedure only takes a few minutes

Many LASIK patients are amazed that such a quick procedure can produce such amazing results. LASIK typically takes less than 10 minutes for each eye, with the laser requiring less than 60 seconds to correct your vision. While the procedure is quick, you should plan to be at the surgery center for approximately 90 minutes on the day of your surgery.

2) LASIK is not painful

One of the most common myths about LASIK surgery is that it is a painful procedure. In reality, LASIK is a painless procedure. While some patients may feel some slight pressure around the eye area, most patients do not feel any pain during the procedure.

3) Most patients recover very quickly

Unlike many surgical procedures that require days or weeks of downtime, LASIK requires very little downtime. In fact, many people are able to return to school or work the next day. The recovery process will vary a bit from patient to patient, so it is best to allow a couple of days to fully recover before scheduling any major events.

4) People who have LASIK are highly satisfied

“We find that there is solid evidence in the world’s scientific literature to affirm that there is an exceptionally high level of satisfaction in patients who have had LASIK surgery. While no surgery is perfect, certainly the 19 peer-reviewed studies of 2,199 patients show extremely high satisfaction rates.” Richard L. Lindstrom, M.D., American Society for Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS)


With a rate of satisfaction that exceeds 96%, LASIK is highly regarded by patients. Patients across the globe report high levels of satisfaction with LASIK, and appreciate how quickly they can resume their daily routine after surgery.

5) LASIK surgery can treat a variety of eye problems

LASIK surgery offers versatility to patients. It is now an approved procedure used to treat multiple eyesight problems such as myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia. LASIK is also a popular treatment for patients who present with two or more vision problems.

6) Complications are very rare

“LASIK surgery has a good track record. Complications that result in a loss of vision are rare, and most people are satisfied with the results. Certain side effects, particularly dry eyes and temporary visual disturbances, are fairly common. But these usually clear up after a few weeks or months, and very few people consider them to be a long-term problem.” The Mayo Clinic

There are risks and potential side effects associated with every surgical procedure. However, LASIK is associated with very few complications. The few side effects that do occur are nearly always temporary, enabling patients to enjoy a full recovery from the procedure.

If you are reluctant to explore LASIK surgery because you fear that you could suffer adverse side effects or complications, then it is a good idea to talk to a trained eye surgeon. He or she can outline the potential risks and side effects of the procedure and confirm their very small incidence.

7) You will enjoy long-term savings

Some people delay LASIK surgery because they say that it is too expensive. In reality, people who have LASIK surgery enjoy significant cost savings over the long run. A LASIK specialist can sit down with you to determine the long-term costs of continuing to purchase corrective eyewear indefinitely and compare them to the cost of LASIK surgery.

8) Your confidence will increase

Patients across the globe report enhanced confidence, more success at work, and improved relationships with others. At the heart of this improved quality of life is the enhanced confidence that patients experience after LASIK surgery.

What is the most important thing to remember about LASIK surgery?

Clearly, there are many reasons to explore LASIK surgery. But it is important to remember that not all LASIK surgeons are created equal. Selecting an accomplished LASIK surgeon is the most important step you can take to protect your eye health and ensure your satisfaction with LASIK surgery. Ideally, the LASIK provider you choose should possess the following qualities:

  • A lifetime commitment to helping patients benefit from LASIK results

  • Surgeons who are highly skilled and educated

  • Offices that are clean, comfortable, and easily accessible to patients

  • An executive team that is committed to improving the quality of patient care

  • Dedication to giving back to the healthcare community on a global level

The bottom line: Do not delay – schedule a LASIK appointment today!

LASIK surgery is a procedure that produces life-changing results for the people who receive it. Fortunately, the Bagan Strinden Vision team makes it easy for you to receive care from a highly trained surgeon who uses the latest cutting-edge surgical techniques. With surgery centers conveniently located throughout North Dakota & Minnesota, Bagan Strinden Vision is committed to promoting eye health for patients who are ready to change their lives forever.

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